Workshop services
Here at big wheelies we offer many services for 2 stroke and 4 stroke off road bikes and atv’s including

General servicing and repairs
Top end rebuilds
Full rebuilds
Dyno tuning
Cylinder nickel plating
Stator testing
Cranks pressing
Custom builds

General servicing – To keep your engine in good health where. we change
Spark plug
Air filter
Oil filter
Engine oil (where applicable)
transmission oil
Diff oil (where applicable)
Prices start from just £90.00

Top end rebuild – To keep compression up and at a reliable pressure to let the machine work well and prevent too much carbon build up that may cause piston failure or worse when burning oil. We change
Head gasket
Base gasket
O rings / seals ( where applicable)
Piston rings
Piston pin
Piston clips
Small end bearing (where applicable)
Skim head if needed (extra cost)
Valve adjustment
Rebore , re plate or liner replacement if required (extra cost) (where applicable)
Prices start from just £190

Full rebuild service – Main reason of being in need of a full rebuild is big end crank bearing failure could be caused by a number of things such as lack of oil, coolant leak or tired bearings etc. There no real ways of telling when you need a rebuild as when it happens its normally quick, only thing you can really do is keep a check on the condition of your oil with regular oil changes and listening to your engine, when you are in need of a full rebuild its hard to assess the level of damage in till the crank cases are split, cost vary and typically cost from £400- £800 for a 2 stroke and £700-£1400 for a 4 stroke depending of machine, parts availability and damage.

If you can't find what you looking for, please contact us 01550 777671, because we still working with product updates. Thank you.